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A Cardboard Box Monster Called Levante :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 2 0 Gumball with a skunk tail holding a flowers :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 0 3 Long Stripe Tailed Madison :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 0 Ella Stevenson in red outfit :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 0 0 Gumball crying for watching sad TV/movies Meme :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 3 4 Long Stripe Tailed Robin Hood Gumball :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 3 0 Royal Blue Gumball :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 0 1 Carmen says Happy Easter! :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 2 0 My birthday sketch :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 0 1 Long Stripe Tailed Gumball wearing suit t-shirt :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 0 Gumball wearing suit t-shirt and black shorts :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 0 Ella Stevenson with a cute eyes :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 0 Ella's tail surgery :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 5 Gumball with a French beret and France flag badge :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 1 Gumball watching 1988 Walt Disney Television logo :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 1 Gumball dressed as Bubbles :iconnickhwoodxx:NickHWoodXX 1 0


The Pearly Band's DK Rap Sing-Along! :iconmikeeddyadmirer89:MikeEddyAdmirer89 3 0
        Smoke is curling down the stairwell as I make it to the Transcribers’ floor.  The glass doors that should have contained the fire are shattered.
My earpiece hums.
  “No, Mnemosyne.  Actually.”
I huff.
  “Well thank you very much.  I speak for Daedalus now, so get used to it.  What’s going on? Have you found Epeius yet?”
I only just arrived.  Climbing the stairs was more difficult than I thought and my back is now a living chord of pain.
  “The exclusion doors are shattered.” I say instead, blinking away the tears from the smoke.
  “He did that?  Those things are sheer, anti-shatter—”
        I end the useless connection and head through the smashed door.  The heat is incredible, gusting in rising torrent whipped by the air sweeping in
:iconsleyf:Sleyf 11 4
Drive Slow :iconsonson-sensei:Sonson-Sensei 78 36 [Commission]: Land Rover Evoque :iconmazdatiger:MazdaTiger 12 4 pool party IC time :iconkeyhero18:Keyhero18 6 0 Star Butterfly :iconstar-butterfly:Star-Butterfly 929 73 Jenny and Ronnie are not done :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 6 4 mpreg Gumball and preg Millie :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 8 4 Samurai Jack and Ashi Together in One :iconmikeeddyadmirer89:MikeEddyAdmirer89 7 0 Trillionage Sprout from Earthbound :iconmikeeddyadmirer89:MikeEddyAdmirer89 3 7 Ghost Moe and Ghost Taco-Man Screaming Each Other :iconmikeeddyadmirer89:MikeEddyAdmirer89 3 5 one of Ukiekooki's intros :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 11 11 Cam and Zoe cuddle and kiss :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 4 2 Skippy and Suzie dance to modern music :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 7 1 Colton, Tulip, and Darwin show their belly buttons :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 2 0 Maygan and Emmy bloat with mentos and cola :iconlonghairedlioness:LongHairedLioness 5 13


Gumball's tail shaped like a skunk tail.

LongHairedLioness - Can you draw it?
MarcosPower1996 - You never seen it.
MikeEddyAdmirer89 - Request 'till tomorrow.
LongHairedLioness MikeEddyAdmirer89 MarcosPower1996
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